Start Calling from anywhere to anywhere in the world no internet involved!


Call Direct From Your Mobile ( If you are travelling or at your base and would rather like to call from your Cell Phone or Landline without the need of a PC or internet, this is a perfect solution for you. No connection fee and account does not expire, take it with you where ever you go in the world.  Change your number at any time.

how it works

1.Sign up with us today and Login to  your account area, authorize the number you would be using for the service, to call to the assigned US or UK number, or simply call to the listed access  numbers.

2. Do the following:
A) Dial the access number, you would  need to hang up the phone, or our switch will disconnect the call.  Since the call was not completed, you will not be charged for it.

3. When prompted, enter the destination number you wish to call , in international format without 00 or +, followed by #. Your call will be connected and you will make savings of up to 80%, compared to making a direct call to the destination number.


What is the cost?

It is easy to know the cost for calling  To > destination.  Rates are calculated by adding together the rates for the country you are calling FROM and the country calling TO click here to check both rates and that will sum up the total cost of your call per minute.

How to purchase credit?

Do not have credit card?, no problem, contact any of the resellers in your country, deposit the required amount to their account, get recharged within 10 mins.

For those in other countries,  where resellers are not available,  we gladly credit card, paypal. cashu or ukash.

Call-Back Service




You can also talk with our live chat operator to activate your callback account even right now! 

What are you waiting for? start enjoying low calls direct from your Cellfone,  no Pc is required   



No matter where in the world you can benefit from our callback services today.

Are you a reseller?  Come talk with us so we may show you how you can start making extra income without leaving your current job.

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